Collaborative Projects

Collaborative projects represented in the NINDS Human Cell and Data Repository (NHCDR) catalog, are associated with projects funded by other sources, like non-government organizations, not-for profit organizations, philanthropic endeavors, etc. and represent a collection of human cell lines that complement the NHCDR human fibroblast and induced pluripotent stem cell lines generated by NINDS-funded projects, including through the U24NS095914 grant awarded to  Rutgers University under the direction of Dr. Jay Tischfield, which supports the NHCDR.  NINDS human cell lines are distributed under a single Material Transfer Agreement (MTA),  and costs associated with each line are designed to ensure the maintenance of existing and the generation of new lines going forward.  Each NINDS human cell line has a certificate of analysis (CoA) that describes the results of  the standard quality control assessments performed on the distribution lot.  Each collaborative project will have its own MTA and quality control assessments which may or may not match what is currently available for NINDS human cell lines, but will meet a set of minimal quality assessments. Please note, that listing of human cell lines developed by collaborating projects in the NHCDR catalog does not infer that NINDS endorses nor requires their use in research.