The Target ALS Foundation

The Target ALS Foundation is a non-profit organization with the overall goal of accelerating development of new treatments for ALS.  We drive emergence of novel ALS drug discovery programs in industry by funding collaborative consortia focused on development of novel therapeutic targets.  To ensure that all new ideas get tested, we make essential tools and resources openly available to all – especially young investigators – with no embargo or strings attached.

Using the Catalog Application

Finding Target ALS Lines

In addition to NINDS cell line IDs, which have the format ND12345, our catalog also maintains Target ALS IDs, such as TALS9-9.3. These IDs are shown in a subject’s detail view.

In the Other IPSC IDs field in the Summary section:

And in the Other IDs field of the Cell Lines section of the detail view:

You may also show the Other iPSC IDs field in the subject’s table using the Column Info and Selection tab. Click the field and hit apply.

Finally, you may search for Target ALS lines in the simple search field at the top: