These publications were found using a combination of automated Google Scholar searches and manual review. When possible, we show specific identifiers, such as NHCDR cell line IDs, that were cited in the text. In some cases, when no specific identifiers were found, we instead show NHCDR-related terms. The terms are sometimes provided in the form of Google Scholar queries that yield the publication, such "repository" "ninds" "ipsc" OR "fibroblast" (you can try this search here). If you have access to the full text of the publication (we provide links when possible), you can search the text for the IDs and/or terms to determine exactly how NHCDR resources were used in the publication.

We are grateful to SerpApi for providing critical data mining services used to produce this list.

This collection was formerly maintained at the Coriell Repository. While some papers may still reference Coriell, the cell line resources they used are now maintained at the NHCDR.


1. Al-Ahmad AJ, …, Karamyan VT. Neurolysin substrates bradykinin, neurotensin and substance P enhance brain microvascular permeability in a human in vitro model. J Neuroendocrinol (2021 Feb)

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[PubMed 33785762] [PMC Free Text] [DOI 10.1038/s41531-021-00175-w] [Related Google Scholar Queries: "coriell" "ninds" "ipsc" OR "fibroblast", "repository" "ninds" "ipsc" OR "fibroblast"]

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61. Voisin J, …, Neri C. FOXO3 targets are reprogrammed as Huntington’s disease neural cells and striatal neurons face senescence with p16INK4a increase. Aging Cell (2020 Nov)

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[PubMed 30135510] [PMC Free Text] [DOI 10.1038/s41380-018-0207-1] [Related Cell Line IDs: ND50028ND50031] [Note: Lines ND50028 and ND50031 are referenced as NL1 and NL5, respectively, in supplementary Table S5. These lines are also known as NCRM-1 and NCRM-5, respectively.]

78. Karch CM, …, Temple S. A Comprehensive Resource for Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Patients with Primary Tauopathies. Stem Cell Reports (2019 Nov 12)

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